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About Federico Lepe ART

Greetings !
For the last twenty years I have been devoted and immersed in the art of painting, creating different styles and themes that go from pure abstraction to photo realism with hybrid forms of expressions that go in between.
I have lived and/or exhibited in Barcelona, New York, Rome, Montreal, Siena, London, Brescia, Mexico City, Guadalajara, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, Boston, Monterrey, San Luis Potosi, Dallas, Houston.
While growing up my household was always sorrounded by art, my mother and grandmother are artists and were constantly creating art in diverse techniques and mediums, so experiencing and seeing all these pieces enhanced my visual sensitivity.
In regards to abstraction I like to use the word "Enthropy", which is the clash of two systems that produce a certain type of chaos, which to me is a fascinating event.
I always try to produce an event in painting that resembles enthropy, a very dynamic situation that enhances movement, depth in composition, compelling use of colour and a balance that hangs by a thread.
Obtaining these elements will merit a work of art with a presence, it will command it’s own space.
Through the years I have immersed myself in a variety of techniques and themes, always searching for new approaches to express my restless inquisitive imagination.

In the art process I feel the need of constant renewal and descarding memory always helps because you can freshly engage with the raw materials and make them your own and they will gradually take a life of their own until the thing produced starts becoming an extension of myself.

After twenty years of artistic life adversity never goes away, this is a vocation and not a profession and in the worst of times contemplating a new creation sublimely revives hope and energizes positive expectations………………….blessed and gentle art patrons who nurture talent, you are vital in these ruthless times we live in, may you live in peace and enhance your prosperity for the benefit of mankind. Federico Lepe2019.

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