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Hello! I am Fredrick T. Kerns, aka "Feel Boss" -- that's a reference to Saints Row: The Third, for those who are unaware. Usually, I just go by "Fred." I like to keep things informal.

I'm a writer, first and foremost. Also a lifelong geek and, on a good day, a semi-competent gamer. I write sci-fi and have five novels under my belt so far, plus a number of shorter works, a couple of novels-in-progress, some fanfiction to get free samples of my writing in front of readers, and some work I've been serializing on Tapas Media. A lot of my stuff is heavy on action scenes but also compelling characters and humor generated by their interactions. I also put a lot of effort into the "sci" in sci-fi to keep things grounded in reality as much as possible, but I don't let it bog things down.

One thing I've gotten a lot of positive feedback on is the action scenes I write, which has caused me to develop a tendency to work even harder on those and keep trying to top the previous one. It's probably weird to get into a one-upmanship contest with yourself, but life can be strange sometimes.

Samples of my work can be found at the following links:

Somewhere Out There: An ongoing serialized story featuring the maintenance crew of a space station zapped across the universe after falling through a space-time rift.

Game Over: Dylan Engstrom awakens in a strange, faraway place, and is thrown into a series of combat scenarios. Along with a handful of aliens, he must find a way to escape before he's killed. And killed again. And then again...

Uncharted Territory: Sequel to Game Over. A young woman with a badly scarred face joins a ship ferrying a team of scientists to investigate a derelict spaceship that reappeared after being missing for decades, as well as the ruins of an extinct civilization on the planet Gamma Orionis b.

My blog.

Some fanfiction written to get free samples of my work in front of readers, as well as just for fun. Based on Mass Effect and Transformers Prime.
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