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Yes, it's like buying us a cup of coffee, which fuels our code & content! :D  

Thank you for being always curios about your skin and how to care for it.

Also, you get:

  • TOP priority in answering all your lingering skincare questions in a closed FeelinMySkin Q&A Community on Facebook or here.
  • Unique, Patreon only skincare related posts, routine hacks & tips for proper care
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Oh yeah, thank YOU for believing in our cause and supporting all our efforts! #healthierskin is a great goal, and we hope our content/app will help you on this amazing journey! 

You get everything from a previous tier, and:

  • Suggestions for more in-depth blog posts on a topic of your interest.
  • Exclusive free access to the app at all the pre-release stages: try out, influence future features (available once the first pre-release version is up).
  • “Early Supporter” badge in the app, always shown next to your username (available once the first pre-release version is up).
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 Such sum helps tremendously with all the technicalities of the app development - tools, databases, trademarks, lawyers stuff... we have already bored you with that, haven't we? 😅 Anyway, that costs a lot...

In addition to the previous tiers you get:

  • Exclusive monthly e-drawing created by Halina for a skincare topic of yours (for your Instagram, business, you name it. Examples: IG @feelinmyskin)
  • “Gold Supporter” badge in the app, always shown next to your username (available once the first pre-release version is up)



About FeelinMySkin

Hi, hello, welcome to FeelinMySkin Patreon page - thank you for visiting! :)

What do we do here?
We’re developing a skincare assistant mobile app for Android & iOS and provide free weekly content about at-home skin care, spotlight ingredients with their pros and cons, explain hard concepts in a funny, easy to read language accompanied by unique, hand-drawn illustrations. It is very concrete, on point and without nonsense, cuz ain't nobody got time to waste on boring stuff about *nothing*, right?! :D

Why Patreon?
We get LOTS of private skin related questions and it does stress us out when we miss some of them or are just not available to answer since we do have an app to code & content to create :) With patrons support we will be able to:
  • Answer as many as questions possible (yay!). Questions submitted by our patrons would be of the highest priority and guaranteed an answer since we physically don’t have time to answer all of them. The days we carve out time for Q&As are Thursday & Monday and yes, we try to answer as much as possible, but when it’s too much - it’s too much 😅 So please consider becoming a patron to show us that the effort doesn't go unnoticed! 😉
  • Collab with more experts in skincare field
  • Create in-app courses to help up your skincare game even more
  • Resolve more technical and legal issues concerning the app development quicker
  • Give you free access to pre-release versions of the app - to try it out, provide feedback & request more features (yes, we want you to develop the app WITH us!)
We put lot’s of personal time, money and effort in everything we do (CUZ WE LOVE IT!), and our main goal is to help make skincare easier and more comprehensible :D

Also, you can cancel your Patreon subscribtion at anytime, no strings attached 😉

What is FeelinMySkin?
FeelinMySkin project is created for skincare lovers to build solid skincare routines, track products history, expiration dates, allergies, receive reminders of skincare routine details, learn ingredients, find like-minded people and skincare experts, share knowledge and learn ins and outs of skin health. It is a love project of our two main passions - programming & skincare!

We are very grateful for your every comment, like, question and sharing of our content. Thank you for being awesome, always curious, and appreciative of our time & effort!

If you have any questions - do let us know. For more details on what you’re supporting here on Patreon - visit feelinmyskin.com.
Happy to have you here,

Halina & Andrew,
Founders of FeelinMySkin

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