Fegefeuer Anilmathiel is creating Music, Book (The Lays of Assiriand), Games, Videos

Tier 0 - The Beginning

$1 /mo
The first five persons who support me will be added (if you want, of course) to my personal account in facebook :)

Tier I - Every help is welcome

$1 /mo
You will see all the exclusive content in this page (casual videos, photos of production process...).

Tier II - Time for Ideas

$5 /mo
You can participate to give ideas about anything or to discuss ideas I have!

Tier III - Easy mode

$15 /mo
You will get walkthrough guides of my published games! (Currently only works for The Lays of Assiriand RPG Maker)

Tier IV - The Musician

$30 /mo
Are you learning any musical instrument? Fine! If I can, I will give you personal advices about how you can improve your skills and will answer all the questions you have if I can solve them (human...

Tier V - The Sage of the Perennsil

$50 /mo
Once a month I will publish a chapter of The Lays of Assiriand I had written. I will give you the titles and I will make a poll to vote. The most voted chapter will be shared to read. No fragments,...

Tier VI - The Art Lover

$75 /mo
We can discuss about art topics and if you are artist I will review your content at the level of an art historian!

Tier VII - The Insatiable Gamer

$100 /mo
You can send me ideas for new games and if you are more skilled than me to create them (for example, for artwork or some programming) or even just want to, you could even participate in the project!

Tier VIII - Lord of Unir

$150 /mo
I will write your name personally in all seven languages of the Perennsil Civilizations and we can be in contact through my personal facebook too if you want!

Tier IX - Master of Partitures

$250 /mo
You will be able to SEE the partitures of my music in case you want to play them or just to check them to see how I compose. This is my most important thing and this will always be in private, we'l...