Feline is creating Songs and Stories

First Glimpse. Erster Einblick.

$1 /creation
You get instant access to the patron-only feed with tutorials,  embarrassing backstage pics, political thoughts, videos from our rehearsal room goofing, making-of videos, some (but not all) unrelea...

Keepsake - Andenken

$3 /creation
From this level on, you get everything I publish as a download, for you, to keep forever. That's a record flatrate, folks.
Also, you get access to more posts. Which may include: tutorials on si...

Ticket Flatrate

$7 /creation
A free ticket to all our shows wherever I can realize that, and where not (not all venues offer free tickets to the artists nowadays...) you get a free drink from me instead. (I'll need your passpo...

2 tickets for our spaceship - für unser Raumschiff...

$10 /creation
- whenever it will be ready to launch! Hand-coloured, and stamped by F&S Spacelines, of course. 

-wann auch immer es abhebt! Handkoloriert, und abgestempelt von F&S Spacelines.  


Regular Art Work - Richtige Kunst - once a year!

$15 /creation
A hand-coloured print of my graphic works. May include spaceship blueprints, tales of weird animals, or typography of a song's lyrics. Collect them all! Or sell'em on ebay. 

Ein handkolorierter ...


A mixtape. Once a year!

$20 /creation
Well, yes, it's a CD, but mixtape sounds cooler. And don't ask what is on there, songs, rehearsals, and improvisations, accidents, which means this is probably the most wacky reward in this list. S...

Welcome backstage.

$25 /creation
WHEREVER. And if a venue has a problem with this, I will open up my own backstage somewhere else, with you!
Get a hand-coloured backstage pass in my strange design (each design is unique) to we...

You will get your own song!!!

$50 /creation
Really! If you tell me a topic (or a person) you always wanted to hear a song about, I will write it. For you! And publish it, with your name on it, if you want that. You can use it as a gift, or e...