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is creating communal immersive learning experiences that engage in feminism

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Chavruta // Dual Relationship
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Chavruta means learning partner in Aramaic. With this tier, you help support the learning of another by shifting mindset from individual learning to relational learning!

You receive:
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  • Your name listed on our website
  • The knowing that you help birth a feminist learning hub into existence 
Hamsa // Hand of God
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Hamsa means Hand of God in Arabic. With this tier, you help support creating our community with divine aid!

You receive:
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  • Your name listed on our website
  • The knowing that you help birth a feminist learning hub into existence 
Chai // Life
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Chai means life in Hebrew. With this tier, you help us grow and thrive into our life-force of embodied & experimental learning.

You receive:
  • Access to our membership base
  • Your name listed on our website
  • The knowing that you help birth a feminist learning hub into existence 
  • Free meals at feminism all nights across the cities
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feminism all night designs communal immersive leaning experiences that engage in feminism: the political, social, economical movement coming to fully challenge and resist patriarchy while dreaming up and manifesting a visionary new way of existence.

It is modeled after Shavuot, the Jewish holiday that marks the celebration of wisdom by staying up all night to learn. Our purpose is to create a multi-gendered space centered in compassion and directed towards justice. We hold feminism as an intersectional political movement that includes race, class, ability and other identity groups. We honor the divinity of every human being and see feminist learning as core and fundamental towards shifting political tides. 

the long version

feminism all night started back in June 2017 as an initial experiment to gather community together on the Jewish holiday of Shavout for feminist learning. Since that moment, we have been deepening our learning, expanding our community and visioning for our future.

We have hosted 3 feminism all nights and 1 feminism all day bringing together over 400 people for learning, collaboration and healing. We have also hosted 2 trainings for workshop leaders on feminist facilitation, Jewish thought, and holding power in leadership.

To support our vision, we have developed community guidelines, our philosophy practices and a handbook on how to organize feminism all night, both spiritually and logistically. We have the capacity and vision to bring feminist learnings to our communiteis and we want your help! Until now, we have been receiving grants. Yet we want our pool of funding to be driven by members to sustain our source of funding - and more importantly build a strong base of invested members - to help us unlock even more as an organization, a community and a collective movement for the liberation of us all.

Help us keep dreaming!

We want:
  • Local decentralized feminist learning circles
  • A cohesive network of these learning circles to collectivize our power.
  • Collective healing practices in our communities
  • Embodied and experiential learning from and with one another - locally and internationally.
  • To turn local hubs into feminist learning co-ops.
  • To organize international, in person gatherings where we can learn and share together.

We started as an experience merging feminism with Jewishness and we see Jewish wisdom as offering to the whole world. We say no to assimilation and no to insulation. We want massive social change towards collective liberation. We want gender justice for all of us.

We want to dream big, but first we want to know - are you with us? We reject the notion of 1 person on top making decisions for the rest of the body. A membership-based model allows us all to say: I’m in! I’m a part of this movement, I believe in this work and I’m excited about being involved.

With your help we can expand to more cities, bring accessible embodied feminist learning to diverse communities, and push the political tides towards feminism. Starting at $2/month, you can become a member. We want us all to be active participants in this project, whether through giving time, energy, skill, money - we honor you. There is space for you in - and in fact you are 100% needed for - our collective liberation.

steep in compassion, stir towards justice.
  • Become a Member
  • Share with friends
  • Help make FAN happen (bring it to a new city or get involved in an existing one!)
  • Share your gifts in any other way (let us know how you’d like to participate in this work!)

Membership means:
  • Supporting this incredible project, including our sustainable operations
  • We will help promote the work of our members, centering and highlighting healers, artists, political educators, organizers, spiritual leaders. our model is to support each other
  • Access to events and magazine
  • Voice in setting vision, philosophy, teachings and learnings
  • You’re part of this movement and we share in/care about what you want, wish for, and want to manifest - let’s work together to imagine and create a new world

*For one time donations, PayPal [email protected]

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