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About AI for Every Body: Feminist.AI

Feminist.AI at Mutable Studio, is a community AI research and design group focused on critical making as a response to hegemonic AI. Rather than simply criticize the lack of diversity in AI design and development, we propose an alternative by co-designing intelligent products, experiences and futures from a feminist (inclusive) approach.

Feminist.AI's mission is to inspire innovation in the emerging technology space through the equitable design of AI products and experiences. We target the growing need to include more voices in the design processes of artificial intelligent systems and to expand algorithmic awareness.

We approach each project by questioning assumptions embedded in AI/ML design approaches, while co-creating our own approaches to AI design. We believe in creating tools for individuals not exposed to AI thinking, and start with designing AI concepts, not just code, in order to make AI creation accessible to all.

We use art and design as entry points for individuals and communities to learn basic concepts of Cultural AI Design. Our research areas re-design thinking around healthcare, cities, and products like smart devices, with a larger focus on culture, ethics, and privacy.

We see AI as our design material. This informs our physical and digital making.

Our design projects provide the materials for us to engage in world building in physical and digital environments. Elements of our projects are digitally prototyped in Unity and physically in our cities. In our projects we create AI/XR explorations, and physical computing projects.

Our programming this year examines AI and Sound, with a specific focus on privacy, smart home devices, civic soundscapes, and music. We also pay special attention to the role of sound in our feelings research project, Contextual Normalcy.

We use these AI projects to engage in AI education, to reveal insights about human bias, and to co-design our futures.

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* The research and workshops for Feminist.AI Projects started in July, 2016. Feminist.AI Projects is a product of Christine Meinders’ 2017 MFA thesis in Media Design Practices at ArtCenter College of Design, and was inspired by the work of Alison Adam, Rebecca Fiebrink, Dara Blumenthal, N. K. Hayles, Sara Ahmed, Anne Burdick, Elise Co, Molly Wright Steenson, Genevieve Bell, Siraj Raval and our Feminist.AI community.

* AI is for Every Body and Cultural AI Design Tool ™ by Qiao Huang.
* Contextual Normalcy app design and blobs by Michelle Gong.
* Editor - Judy DeTar.

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