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At Feminist Homemaker, a new volunteer-based online collaborative magazine of women and LGBTQ+ individuals seeking to revolutionize the face of home economics, we believe that empowerment starts in the most intimate parts of our lives. Through shared experience, community, and a “no topic off the table” attitude, our collaborative’s purpose is to give all families the representation they deserve. In this shared space, we’ll discuss silenced topics such as race, sexuality, disabilities, mental health, and political climate. All while also sharing day-to-day subjects like money management, news, recipes, and DIY projects. We aim to reclaim and rebrand a title once blanketed in submission, repression, and one-dimensionality. Being a homemaker will no longer be synonymous with patriarchal surrender and outdated stereotypes. A home or family with feminism at its core will empower its members to bring feminism into the world. Feminism means respect, empowerment, equality, and acceptance for all people.

Feminist Homemaker is the very first of it's kind, working to remove societal defaults in everyday magazine representation. With our goal in mind, it will be nothing to see articles from women of color equally alongside white women. Disabled women alongside able-bodied women. Members of the LGBTQIA alongside their straight allies. Our only requirement of our contributors is that they work together to build an inclusive and welcoming environment of education, empathy, and acceptance.


By subscribing and becoming a member of Feminist Homemaker, you help keep this platform a freely accessible source of empowerment, representation, and knowledge. Every contributor, even the lead editor, donates their free time and energy to FH, relying solely on donations and membership subscriptions for compensation.

Access to Feminist Homemaker's core content will always be free. Allowing all people to have the chance to learn, grow, and change the world around them bit by bit.

Our subscription system allows you to give what you can each month by choosing what you pay. 

Membership perks include
1.) Supporting women of different ethnicities and backgrounds.
2.) Supporting members of the LGBTQIA community.
3.) Supporting the sharing of diverse life experiences to
promote a more well-rounded and inclusive society.
4.) Knowing you're doing something good for marginalized
people without expecting something in return from them.

Also, please note that Patreon takes 5% + $0.10 fee for donations from $1.00 - $3.00 and 2.9% + $0.30 fee for donations for $3.00 or more. Keep this in mind when you're determining how much you'd like for us to receive per month.

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