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F.L.O.W. is a free mobile lending library of donated books. Our mission is to celebrate and promote feminist works, and move them among communities to center marginalized voices and experiences.

F.L.O.W. joyfully empowers people to find tools for liberation, making feminism accessible to all.

We’re not sure how to describe our goal in a finite, concrete sense—but, the ultimate prize would be to help create a world in which feminism is a natural part of how the world is structured, how we relate to each other, ourselves, the planet. In a more practical short-term sense, the goal is to make as much feminist material as available to as many different people as possible, using bicycles and tricycles, with minimal reliance on cars. Not because we have a singular idea of what feminism is and how it should be encouraged, but because we have a tool we want to share, for people to use in ways that are productive and meaningful for them, their families, their communities.

There is not a strict idea of what qualifies the books in our collection as feminist. Feminism is all-inclusive, so relevant works are determined by all of our donors. F.L.O.W. believes that a diversity of voices represented in the collection is feminist itself. F.L.O.W. does not define feminism for its patrons, but is a tool for its patrons to make choices about what feminism is to them.

With your help we can continue to attend events, add to our collection, and potentially add more branch locations!
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