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You know, like Squier but queer.

For $1, Patrons will get access to monthly blog posts detailing what's been going on in my music orbit over the last four weeks. 

 ★  Who am I interviewing next? 

 ★  What concerts were just anounced that I'm dead excited about and you should be too?

 ★  Who bought me a coffee to chat to them?

 ★  What bands am I seeing?

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For $5, you guys get everything the Squeers get but with a bit of marzipan on top of the cake.

★ Shots from concerts I've not posted/have appeared on publications

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Strapocasters, in the words of Bret Michaels: You're awesome. Will you stay and continue to rock my world?

As well as all of the above tiers, Strapocasters will get monthly curated playlists of intriguing queer/female artists I've discovered recently. Sort of in the vein of the WUSSYMIX I used to do for Wussy Magazine.  


This tier includes: 

★ Amazing indie bands and sounds from all around the world that I'm really digging

★ Artists I've been directed to via PR that I really like and think deserve a spot 

★ Themed playlists around the holidays; always femxle, nb and/or queer

★ For an extra $5, I'll also make mixtapes to woo that person you really like (like anti-High Fidelity)




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About Em Burfitt

My name is Em. I’m a queer music journalist. I’m a regular contributor to The Line of Best Fit and Get in her Ears, and have bylines in DIVAShe Shreds, and Vinyl Me, Please.

Queer media and music media are a mixed bag when it comes to paying the bills.

They’re also both vehemently catered to the straight, white, cismale narrative. Music, particularly so.

Bringing queer, female, trans and nonbinary artists to the forefront of music media is what gives me strength.

I want my words to tip the scales in a new direction: one in which women and non-cismale queer people aren’t just a belatedly recalled part of the conversation but paving the way.

In return, I want to give my Patrons exclusive playlists, snippets from interviews I've done with some amazing queer and female musicians, and memories.