Fenix.Fatalist is creating Cosplay, Music, Videos

Community Set

$1 /mo
No limits, no sales, no commerce.

Just art and community.

Also you won't miss my posts and works, as I will publish them firstly here.

Starter Set

$5 /mo
Starter pack for persons who want to feel power of donation.

- Monthly Wallpaper in HD

- Posts about future projects

- Downloads of my songs

Easy Set

$10 /mo
Easy set for persons who would like to ask me or my team about any parts of our work.

Photography? Sewing? Props? Marketing? Business administration? Chatting? 

Everything you'd like. Exp...


Standart Set

$15 /mo
Standart set for persons who want to see all content I make, have HD of my shots, even that I will throw later to trash bin. 

- Access to Discord chat for all work releated questions...


Hard Set

$20 /mo
Here you can discover exclusive shots and experimental shootings that I don't post elsewhere. They are all unique, so I kindly ask you to keep them as our little secret.

- Deep inpro...


Harder then Hard Set

$30 /mo
So I heard you love crazy levels of difficulty, so here is my proposition for you! That's first physical reward in my list.

- Montly signed print set (only exclusive prints) 



Crazy Creator Set

$45 /mo
This one for people that love to have truly exclusive stuff, like polaroids. So this set will include polaroid set with photos made strictly during our shootings! All of them are unique, no copies ...

New Game Plus Set

$65 /mo
All previous rewards and subscription on my photobooks! After reaching 3+ months you will get full collection of earlier ones.

- Subscription to all my upcoming photobooks OR monthly...


Crazy Collector Set

$100 /mo
For persons who love to get props with stories. Get your own props from one of my cosplays with personal letter that will tell you all story of creation and using stuff that you've got to cosplay c...

Crazy Cosplay Traveler

$650 /mo
The craziest pledge I could imagine.

And here is it. 

Crazy Cosplay Traveler.

Have you ever dream to see the world by eyes of artist? Travel with us to different parts ...