Kieran is creating Blogging and Nerd Swag

$1 /creation
Thank you! I'll do my best to pull a thank you for EVERYONE once a month!  

$2 /creation
Blog Sponsorship - Send me your link in my inbox and i'll get an ad running somewhere on my blog for you.

Patron for Patron

$3 /creation
Patron for Patron, and Promise - If mine doesn't go through not to bawk out until the 2nd month - Sometimes my stuff doesn't always go through.  I promise i'll try and stay with you through til the...

$5 /creation
PROGRESS LEVEL!   You will be thanked personally on a page on my blog, and you'll have total access to all process screenshots, and videos when they're first posted.

$10 /creation
You'd be awesome, you'd be jammin!  Patron only feed updates, name on the wall - plus you'll get your choice of digital art pieces monthly! You also get the previous rewards!

$12 /creation
PATREON BLOG AD SPONSORSHIP level!  YOU WILL HAVE your patreon advertised on my blog on a regular basis, with it's own small half rectangle ad on the sidebar.  You'll be sent a questionnaire in you...

$40 /creation
The BADGE REWARD!  You'll be put on a list of people who get a set of five badges each time you donate or even if you donate once. You're supporting the nerd badge revolution!  Price is a little hi...

$45 /creation
A4 Laminated Print, 4x6 laminated print (Both Signed) and a T-shirt with my Art on it.

$50 /creation
When my book comes out you'll be first on the list to get one! You also get the previous rewards!

$75 /creation
Ten badges, and an A4 laminated print of my artwork.  That simple!  Price is a little higher so you can get freebie shipping - and you'll get an art print each month. Badge packs ARE random. You al...

$500 /creation
You'll get 60 badges, A4 laminated print and a signed paper back novel (when it comes out).  Also you'll get a huge thank you video on my youtube, a special thank you message on my website. That si...

$1,000 /creation
You'll get 100 badges,  5 A4 laminated prints and 2 signed paper back novels (when it comes out). Also you'll get a huge thank you video on my youtube, a special thank you message on my website. Th...