Feralculture is creating wilder human community

$1 /mo
Vote of Support. A single dollar might not sound like much, and you might be thinking it's too insignificant to even bother with this level. But seriously, supporting us fo...


$3 /mo
Seeder. For $3, we can buy more seeds (metaphorical or literal). Sometimes we do things Sepp Holzer style and just throw them at fertile looking spots that don't have plants growin...


$9 /mo
Everybody's doing it. Some marketing gurus would probably say we should quantify this in terms of "for the cost of just one latte every 11.7 days..." or some less abstract and more...

$19 /mo
Everybody who has a spare $20 bill every month and wants to keep a $1 and likes our project is doing it. In our previous secret support campaign, this was our 2nd most popular supp...

Chief Propaganda Officer.

$40 /mo
Chief Propaganda Officer. Cover the monthly hosting for our website and forums and keep the conversations going as time unravels omnidirectionally.

Community Maker.

$49 /mo
One of our biggest hurdles is transporting prospective members, friends, family, and visitors to and from our landscape. This level of support roughly covers the gas for one trip to pick up or drop...

Connection Facilitator.

$59 /mo
Cover our monthly satellite internet bill to ensure feeling our words and images wash over you week after week.

Infrastructure Builder.

$129 /mo
While most of the systems we build are sourced with 99% on-site materials, there are various hard costs associated with some of our DIY garden, shelter, tool, and clothing projects. When you see on...


$999 /mo
Land. This level of support would allow us to actively invest in land liberation for increasing our community's habitable and regenerative capacity.

More Land.

$9,999 /mo
More Land. We have a goal to liberate 1 million square meters of land, followed by 1 million acres. Who are we to limit your support? We'd keep going, but we're running out of nine...