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About Fetish Club

  About the Artist 
Hello, guys and girls! I'm Max, aka Eromaxi, the illustrator and comic artist. I'm also running an independent art studio.

My latest comics 40-pages long "Scarecrow" and 52-pages long "Das Boot" are published by popular fetish art sites Dofantasy.com and Bdsmartwork.com.

You can find my artworks on the cover pages of the Hustler's  popular fetish comic magazine Taboo Illustrated: issue #54, #56, #63, #66, #67

You can always find me on popular art portals and on social networks: DeviantartHentaifoundry,  PixivFacebook

While working on art and comic projects, I'm producing tons of sketches, images and comic panels, which never make it to final comics due to different reasons. Now I can share it all with you! I sincerely believe, that fetish community deserves high-quality art content. And Fetish Club is here to provide it!

  About Fetish Club   

Here you will find sketches, high-quality sexy pin-ups, hot action images, comic pages and even interactive art galleries!  Fetish Club covers all popular fetishes and even more! Fetish Club provides exclusive art and comic content to its patrons, which cannot be found anywhere else!  

Check out our latest voting poll results to learn what content Fetish Club patrons enjoy to see :

  About Patreon  
Patreon is the popular crowdfunding platform, which hosts Fetish Club, and allows people to support artists and get rewards for supporting them. Sounds like Kickstarter, but works a bit different: Kickstarter is about collecting funds for one big project, while Patreon is great if you want to support the artist, who's creating content on a regular basis, like comic artist, for example.

Please, watch this short video, which explains what Patreon is and how it works. Fore more details , check out Patreon FAQ.

  About Pledges,Rewards and Milestones  

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Rewards are provided to patrons after the 5th of each month, when all pledges have been processed by Patreon. 
Milestones unlock additional features and types of content for patrons and can be seen at the left side of the Fetish Club page.

 If you like my art and wish to see more - become a patron and have fun! :)

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New ponygirls gallery! 
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