Feudums Project Staff are creating Feudums

Battle Sister / Brother

$1 /mo
You get...
  • Beta & Custom Builds Access
  • a limited Coat-of-Arms Charge unique to our supporters
  • Credits. Your patron name will be added to the in-game credits!


$19 /mo
All the above, plus:
  • after release: the Digital Soundtracks of Feudums!


$69 /mo
All the above, plus...
  • while in development: weighted votes on polls, priority feedback; 
  • after release: forever free access to private game mod...

Renowned Patron

$149 /mo
all the above, plus:
  • after release: design an NPC Lord / Lady or a Mercenary Captain, with a short backstory & a unique Coat-of-Arms! Be famous! Meet your own character when you play!

Famous Maecenas

$999 /mo
all the above, plus:
  • after release: your medievalized portrait will hang prominently inside your Hall in-game and visible to all players (you'll also...