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Inventory Associate
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With this tier you can see your inventory on the website. Once you become a patreon you have to set it up through Discord. It will work as long as you link up the Marketsense app to your discord account and have no interfering software running like Logitech Ghub. The only time this service has gone down in the past is right after a patch when it has to be reprogrammed to work. Any doubts or problems ask me on the discord channel or msg me.
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Server Maintener
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Thank you for the support, this include the ability to view inventory of course and allows us to buy more hard-disk space for storing more price data, history and explore adding other tools to the site. This includes a Discord Role to show your support. In case I have to limit the amount of data shown, this tier's patrons will receive priority. Thanks! 

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Inventory Provider (gift)
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This gets you inventory access, the role in discord to set it up and allows you to gift inventory access to two people and a shoutout on the discord.
Remember that you, and the person who you give inventory access to need to download the MarketSense app (windows only) and have discord accounts linked to the patreon to unlock the access.
DM @purveyor on discord or msg me through here to set up the gift access.
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This is a tool to help you deal with the market in FFXIV. You can store prices and price history and calculate and see profitability. When other people from your server use the app, everyone benefits by sharing the data. The tool also helps you find out where your items are, what are they worth and what can you craft with them by gathering and displaying a list of all your items (including those in retainers).

Why Patreon?

If you become a patron, there's a bunch of stuff you can look forward to. Talk to me directly on Discord to suggest possible features, have a faster support tag on discord, inventory list access, or just help out supporting a site you like to help keep the servers running and the searches fast.

Purveyor of Exodus here, THANKS to the supporters here, I have been working on this site for some more than a year now. At first it was just an idea of something I would have wanted to have when I was leveling my crafters, now it's a tool many use to make their FFXIV crafter/gatherer lives a little easier. There's still a lot to improve and I expect to continue working on this as long as it's possible and the great game continues.

As a Patreon, if you link your discord account and follow some simple(lol) instructions you will be able to:
search MarketBoard data shared by others and yourself and search through your inventory and retainers.
364 of 500 patrons
I have increased the time the statistics are updated throughout the server for items. At around this number of patrons a good proportion of current users are contributing to sustain the site and it allows for stability, growth and improvemen
t of the technology. As the users changed from 300 a month to over 7k a month a good proportion of users has increased considerably.
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