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 this tier allows me to keep my phone and camera charged allowing me to document my travels and work.

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All money from this tier goes to feed one random homeless person or runaway I meet on my travels.




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About FG39v9.1

In my late teens I spent several years on the street as a runaway, now at 25 I will be leaving my home again this time to travel Europe assisting homeless and runaways whilst documenting my experience and ultimately looking for a piece of land to build a hub on allowing me to offer these people a place to stay and get a hot meal in exchange for helping keep the place running. Your donations will help me out along my travels allowing me to buy food or sit in a cafe to charge my camera and phone. I will also be starting a Kofi for those of you that want to help but can't on a regular basis. I can't offer much but if you happen to have any ideas for rewards please let me know and I'd be happy to oblige where possible.

 Kofi link  Instagram email: [email protected]