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About Ficarro Farms - A Green, Family Business

Starting with a single raised garden bed in a suburban neighborhood backyard, our family garden quickly became a maze of vegetables, herbs, and flowers that brought pleasure to the pallet, body and heart.

  Of course, every garden needs nourishment, so it wasn’t long before my passion for all things related to decomposition blossomed, resulting in multiple compost piles, five red wiggler bins, four meal worm colonies, two black soldier fly containers, and numerous “experimental” areas.

  Of course, my garden is meant for enjoyment, so I have special features and sitting areas throughout.

  Each area was designed with something in mind and everything has a purpose. There is a meditation area, a full sun area, a place to have a picnic, even an art gallery (yup, an art gallery – I don’t mess around).

  Now we make use of our suburban farm, by providing in-depth articles, original photos, and by showcasing rare items that we happen to come across occasionally, we even plan on providing original photos and videos.

  Visit our website to view our all organic store by clicking here, visit our blog that posts daily updates about us and the farm by clicking here, or visit our sites blog that posts daily in depth articles by clicking here.

We offer multiple teirs, including things such as coupons, free live critters/feeders, and many more to be added in the future! Join us as we grow, with you in mind.
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