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  • Talk to the creators! Sub-Only Chat Channel on our Discord Server!
  • Teal Bunker Drone Role on our Discord Community!
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Bunker Ferrets

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  • Previous Tier Rewards!
  • Sub-Only PC/Mobile Wallpapers
  • Sub-Sketchdays! Exclusive Streams where subs can request FREE sketch art, drawn LIVE!
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Citizen of Bunker93

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About Fierce Ferret Radio

Greetings Patrons! 
We are the FIERCE FERRETS! A small business run by Leia and Jen (aka theBATCLAM). A couple-content creator team, with some help from friends and our actual ferret pets (who are also our mascots!) 

We have a rich story behind Fierce Ferret Radio that we use to stand out our brand! And, it all starts with a little spot in the wasteland we call home, known as Bunker93. 

What are we doing on Patreon?

Staying employed at the Fierce Ferret FoundryLeia and Jen, who run the team, are full-time freelance content creators. All of our income is from Patreon, Twitch, Webtoons, and commissioned art that Jen makes.

Basically, by pledging you are keeping us employed making comics, podcasts and live stream entertainment.

What projects are you working on?
We make comics, podcasts and soon video games! We also have a Twitch channel where we stream art and games! And a Youtube!

Our two webcomic series are:
  • Beelzebud, a slice-of-life story about a married couple who move into a new house and discover they have an unexpected roommate.
  • DungeonMinis, a comedy about the struggles of a Game Master trying to run a serious tabletop RPG with not-so-serious players. INspired by TTRPGs like Dungeons and Dragons!
All of our webcomics are free to read on our website, Graphite, Webtoons, and Tapastic!

Ah yes, our podcasts! We also make 4 of those <3
  • The Last Light, our Starfinder campaiagn, a sci-fi epic with lots of drama and laughs!  (currently on indefinite haitus)
  • Drunk Fandom, a show where we have a drunk person explain something they love to a sober friend, who is clueless!
  • Call of the Void for all things weird and macabre, made by our talented teammate Daekon!   
  • Multiversial, A show where a judge introduces a world that is just like ours but with one key difference, to our two master debaters to argue if its plausible and how.
Our podcasts are all available FREE to listen on our website and on Itunes, Spotify, Youtube Music, and Youtube Video!

Finally, we are currently developing Video Games to add to our content roster!
  • I can't give the deets to the public, but one is a visual novel and will have character creation and the other is a lifesim!
  • Both have concept/build and (soon) Early Access/Beta work available to all $10 tier patreons! 

So, if that sounds interesting to you...
Please consider supporting our work if you like our projects, apart from patreon and twitch we make no money off of any of the work we do, which means every bit counts!

Don't want to be a Patron, but want some art or to help out?
$551.84 of $1,000 per month
Unfortunately we live in NY state so our goals are high... but, this goal would put us halfway to self sustaining!

($1+ tier)
"Early Access" will truly mean "Early Access" as I can finally guarantee you guys being at least 2 weeks ahead of the public on comic updates.

($5+ tier)
Like our Ferret Buck Postcards? Now get them Ferret Buck FREE in the mail as part of this tier!

($10+ tier)
Like stickers? You'll now get sent a RANDOM STICKER OF THE MONTH along with your postcard!

($25+ tier)
REWARD UPDATED - Your free badge icon will now be updated to a FULL free chibi of your lore character!
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