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About Figglewatts

Hello! I'm Figglewatts. I've been making weird experimental games for about nine years now.

A lot of people know about me from 'LSD: Revamped' my remake of the cult-classic game 'LSD: Dream Emulator'. I've been working on it on and off since 2011, and it's really shaping up -- I currently have four more updates in the works, with mod support planned for the future so fans can bring their own dreams to life!

I've been featured/mentioned in articles on Destructoid, Siliconera, Vice, and indirectly in an interview with LSD's original creator on Red Bull Music Academy.

I've also made a bunch of games for Ludum Dare and other game jams, including:
  • Dragonoscopy -- a roguelike about being eaten by a dragon, for 7DRL 2020
  • Dungeons of Forfeit -- a roguelike where you have to sacrifice items/stats to advance further
  • Hugline Miami -- a Hotline Miami parody about hugging people
  • Cathode Ray -- a game about being an electron inside a CRT screen
  • LemonLob -- a terrible physics-based platformer about throwing lemons at things
  • GroundBreaker -- a mining game about collecting resources from an asteroid and selling them for upgrades
  • Interim -- a fast-paced action game about dodging obstacles within 10 seconds

Finally, I'm also fairly active on GitHub making various assorted tools/utilities, such as:
  • libLSD -- a .NET library for loading LSD: Dream Emulator data files
  • LSDView -- a program for viewing/exporting LSD: Dream Emulator data files
  • MapParse -- a .NET library for parsing Half-Life/Quake .MAP files
  • daybookr -- a static site generator written in Go
  • pytestgen -- a utility to autogenerate Python pytest stubs from Python source code

Why contribute?

There's a bunch of rewards as listed in the tiers, but it's not just about those! If you contribute to this Patreon then that's essentially a vote that you'd like to see more from me. I've got a bunch of game ideas I'd like to work on after LSD: Revamped is done, and if you like what I've already put out then I'm sure you'll love what I've got planned for the future.

Throughout the past nine years of development on LSD: Revamped I've been juggling working on the game with school, then university, then being employed full time as a software engineer. I'd eventually like to strike out on my own as an indie game developer, and supporting me on here is the best way to let me know how much you'd like to see more creations from me.

If you have a bit of spare money then I'm grateful for any amount you choose to give me. I've received a lot of support from fans of my games throughout the years, both in financial support and general positive feedback/encouragement. You guys are the reason I make games, and I'm making them for you. Thanks :)
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LSD: Dream Emulator Spiritual Successor

When I reach 100 patrons I'll make a spiritual successor to LSD: Dream Emulator using the tech behind LSD: Revamped. It'll be a new take on the old game, perfect for people who liked the original and want more.
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