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  • Our WEEKLY Q/A shows with SRS 

  • Access to our archive of dozens Retro Review Podcasts!

  • Figure Haul, our weekly action figure show.

  • Weekly "The List Goes On"  Bonus Podcast with SRS & Jimmy Van

  • Weekly Fightful Weekender Podcast hosted by Stephen Jensen, covering ROH, IMPACT, NXT UK, 205 Live, NWA -- all things non main roster WWE and AEW!

  • Twice Weekly Sour Graps Podcast With Alex Pawlowski -- WHERE EVERYTHING SUCKS!

  • Weekly Fightful Backstage Report w/SRS show with EXCLUSIVE news, injury reports, contract updates and more!

  • Co-Existing With Rob And Maggie After Dark show weekly!

  • Figure Haul and Card Haul weekly shows and archives of over 50 episodes!

  •  Fightful Photo Gallery exclusive access  

  • "Back In The Day"Members Only podcastsFightful outtake and behind the scenes footage from our archives!

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  • An e-copy of Jimmy's book, "Wrestling's Underbelly: From Bingo Halls to Shopping Malls"

  • Early access to Fightful interviews and features, including "Wikipedia Fact Check," "Making A Finisher" and more, sometimes months before they air.

  • Access to Jimmy's archived match footage featuring commentary from SRS & JV!

  • Exclusive access to Fightful Wrestling Weekly every week.

  • Access to The List and Ya Boy's "Stupid People Extended"  archives! -- 60 episodes!!

  • Lots more exclusive content, behind the scenes videos and more!

  • The archived "Dark Match Commentary" or "Alternate Commentary" show!

  • Early access to feature columns from our writers!

  • Exclusive $20 code to use towards any Fightful Merch. Send us a message when you qualify! (Note: Must stay on as a pledge for a minimum of six consecutive months)

  • All previous tiers rewards.  


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  • You can save up your rewards for six months and APPEAR on a podcast with a topic of your choosing! (Note: There are some circumstances that can't be altered due to sponsor obligations. This is for a Select Exclusive show) (Reminder: You have to let us know when you want to cash these in! Don't be shy.) 

  • All previous tiers rewards.  (Note: in order to receive an exclusive code, you still must stay at or above those tiers for the specified time frame)



About Fightful Select

Thank you for checking out Fightful Select! We hope you join and enjoy our awesome community. 
Who We Are
In 2016, former wrestling writer turned businessman Jimmy Van had the vision of creating the top crossover sports website in combat. The heavens opened up and Sean Ross Sapp was bestowed upon him, creating, which has become the leader in accurate exclusive wrestling news and great analysis.

What Makes Us Different
Fightful is a pro wrestling website that also covers combat sports, dedicated to bringing you the best in breaking and exclusive news, podcasts and columns with colorful analysis by those connected to wrestling sources. The volume and accuracy of wrestling news is unmatched.

Fightful has been cited by the likes of The Washington Post, The New York Post, Forbes, International Business Times, ESPN, Sports Illustrated, and others for our exclusive reports, and have interviewed the likes of CM Punk, Bret Hart, Becky Lynch, Drew McIntyre, Kofi Kingston, Jon Moxley, Mick Foley, and many more. 

Why Fightful Select on Patreon?

Maintaining a site like Fightful and a staff of writers and content creators is expensive. Since our inception in July of 2016 and through the launch of this Patreon page in March of 2018, the site has remained expensive, as we aim to pay our writers a wage above the standard of other top wrestling websites. The more support we get, the more exclusive information we gain for you!


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