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  • See behind-the-scenes sketches & WIPs before anyone else!
  • Contribute your input via polls & request posts for features + designs
  • Discord supporter role & exclusive channels 
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Including previous tier(s), you'll also get:

  • Supporter forum vista
  • 1 ticket per month to custom pet raffle; winner/s get to commission a custom coat design of their choosing (on our existing dog + cat lines) & keep the art until launch-day, when the pet becomes fully playable!
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Including previous tier(s), you'll also get:

  • Alpha key; one per month to be distributed amongst your friends after you've received yours
  • Alpha ribbon
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About Figment Team

Game in development | Open Beta: Q1 of 2020 | whimsical + light | a haven for artists, writers, & creators | custom art | rich lore | all pets have value | Neopets nostalgia

Journey to the lands of Figment, where humans, pets, and mystical creatures live in harmony. Humans – aliens to this vibrant community of Dragons, Fae, and other mythical animals – have brought from Earth their canine and feline companions. In the magical lands of Fanterra, house pets not only swiftly evolve, but grow to comprehend their brave new world; thus ushering in a land that yearns to be explored with secrets yet to uncover. So begins the saga of Figment. 
Hi, there! We are the team behind Figment, and we are so honored to see that you've followed us here to Patreon. :) For those who don't know, Patreon is a subscription-based platform that allows fans to monetarily support creators and their visions in exchange for cool benefits. For us, Figment is a passion project, and every contribution - regardless of amount - helps us add extra perks and artwork to the game.
For those of you who can contribute, cool! We have some great stuff lined up for you!
But for those who can't, there are SO many ways of supporting us other than monetarily - such as sharing our posts on social media, chatting in our Discord, or simply spreading the word - and we appreciate *all* of you!

While there are tons of cool perks to being a Patron of Figment, there is nothing available here that you can't get through site contests, giveaways, and special events that are free to enter. In doing it this way, we hope to be inclusive to all types of players.

We are super excited to be working on this special project, and we're glad to have you along for the ride! This is gonna be a fun journey. Thank you, from all of us @ Figment. <3

We want to make sure you get the best out of your subscription to Figment! So we've ensured that your benefits will change every month, even while your membership tier stays the same. Every month this page will be updated with a new theme.

You can view ALL past rewards from previous months here.

You can find the current theme below:

Companions to our (main) cat & dog pets, Critters are special creatures that display on your pet's page, and journey along with your pets in the lands of Fanterra! 

December's theme: Winter

September's theme: Wonderland

August's theme: Candy


December's theme: Winter

September's theme:

August's theme: Candy

Reminder! You can view ALL past rewards from previous months here.

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Thank you!

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