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My Eternal Gratitude!

And by "eternal" I of course mean, "for as long as you keep giving me money".
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Name a special PNJ in game!

You can choose any name, as long as it's not offensive or too uncommon.
This PNJ will have special ability, or reward when a player interact with it.
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An unique distinction near your avatar name!

Depending of your faction, you get a special and unique in-game distinction near your avatar name to make all other players jealous about you.




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Hi everyone!

I'm glad that your interest for my work bring you here.

I used to code a lot when I'm home and I appreciate that you enjoy watching what's I do.

I would like to spend more time on this game project, and with your support, I'll be able to achieve this task.

I'll do my best to put all my creativity and all my skills in this game.

This is internet, crazy things happens everyday.
Let's see what's happens if you support me !

$0 of $100 per month
Each week, I'll publish 2 videos :
- a 1 hour live code video with technical talk about the work in progress,
- a short video that feature updates in gameplay or design.
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