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About Filip Sedivy

Hi, I'm Filip Šedivý,

I am a Czech developer focused on developing libraries that make life easier for many developers.I reduce development time and hence accelerate application development.

Just like I help developers, I'll be glad if you help me.The development of opensource is absolutely free, but in order for libraries to be good it is necessary to maintain them.Maintaining libraries so that they are always up to date and safe is worth the time.

Why Supporting Me?

Many companies and tradesmen use my libraries every day.They do not need to devote any time to these libraries, as I will get all the updates.

I will be glad if you invest the time saved in me and then I can effectively develop libraries and both sides can benefit from this benefit.

Some of the larger projects I maintain:

If you prefer a one-time donation over monthly payments, there're some other methods:

Please note that, I don't forget who supports me, and I don't take your support for granted. It means everything to me.
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