FilmCow is creating Animations and Other Things

The Patreon Feed

$1 /mo
Access to my Patreon stream where you'll see in-progress artwork, information about upcoming releases, behind the scenes photos and more. You'll also be able to see work from projects I abandon - n...

Monthly FilmCow Podcast

$3 /mo
Access to a monthly Patreon-only podcast where I (and occasional guests!) discuss the latest videos, and various FilmCow things currently in the works. Includes access to the Patreon feed.

Script and Art Files

$5 /mo
Each time I release a video, you’ll get access to various files from the production, including the script, uncompressed art files, and other items. Includes all previous rewards.

Thank You in Monthly Video

$10 /mo
Your name or username will be thanked during a monthly update video on the FilmCow main channel! Includes all previous rewards.

FilmCow Trading Cards

$15 /mo
Each month you’ll receive a FilmCow trading card, featuring a different character each time. These cards will only ever be available through this Patreon, and each card will only ever be printed th...

Signed Ghost Drawings

$25 /mo
Each month, in addition to the trading card, you will also receive a signed drawing of a spooky ghost! I love drawing ghosts, and would love to draw a ghost for you. Ships internationally. Includes...