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Hello there!  My name is Jason Steele and I've been making silly videos on the internet for over ten years.

Currently I release a new video every two weeks through my YouTube channel.  My videos are always free, and I would like to continue making free videos until time itself has become meaningless and all that is left in the world is dust and maybe one horse.

Recently it has become more and more difficult to rely on YouTube ad revenue to keep the channel going, which is where Patreon (and you) comes in.  If you like the stuff I make you can become a patron of my channel - your support will help give me greater creative flexibility and less reliance on ad revenue.  In return, you get various fabulous rewards and my complete and unending love!

About Patreon

Patreon allows you to directly support the art that you enjoy.  It's just like being a Duke or Duchess during the Renaissance!  So essentially Patreon turns you into a monarch.

You are charged every time I release a video (usually twice a month) and you can cancel at any time.  Also, you can set a monthly limit so that you are never charged more than you expect.  And yes, Patreon accepts international payments.  They probably do not accept monarch money.

The Rewards

For a dollar per video, you'll gain access to my Patreon feed where I'll be posting in-progress artwork, information about upcoming releases, monthly live-streams, behind the scenes photos and more. You'll also be able to see work from projects I abandon - not everything ends up making it to YouTube!

For three dollars per video, every time I release a new YouTube short you'll receive an Mp3 commentary track to play along with it.  The track will consist of myself and whomever else is around discussing the inspiration behind the video, the process of making it, and whatever else I can think to talk about.  You'll also get access to the Patreon feed.

For five dollars per video, every time I release a new YouTube short you'll receive, in addition to the commentary track mentioned above, a second commentary track for an older video.  You'll also get access to the Patreon feed.

For ten dollars per video, you'll get access to my videos before they go up on YouTube.  See them before the rest of the world!  It's almost nearly like time travel!  This tier also includes both commentary tracks and access to the Patreon feed.

For twenty-five dollars per video, every time I release a new YouTube short I'll mail you a signed postcard with a shot from the recent video printed on the back.  This reward ships internationally!  Also, this tier includes the early access, commentary tracks and the Patreon stream.

Thank You

I literally could not do what I do without you, so thanks for watching my videos and thanks for considering Patreon-ing me!

And remember that every dollar helps. Every penny, on the other hand, doesn't really help that much at all.  Pennies are, in fact, almost entirely unhelpful. Nickels generally don't have much of an impact either.  Now Sacagawea, THAT'S a coin!  Patreon should allow payment via Sacagawea.  No I do not know how that would work.
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