is creating motion pictures, music, podcasts and cartoons.

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First access to our public releases.
First access to all casting calls for extras, talent and crew. We want our patrons to be part of our work and we’ll look to you guys first before we look elsewhere.

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Digital poster of our current production.

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Get access to all our motion pictures - The Ice of Blue, Zombie Road, Tempora Mutantor, bloopers, behind the scenes, exclusive soundtracks .
A HD version of every film to view, Hi res file of the movie posters, desktop versions of the poster for your computer, plus you get any extras associated with the films like - Zombie Road's bloopers & artwork, Ice of Blue's entire amazing soundtrack by Mile and 92 degrees. Plus you get access to all ongoing created content.




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Who are we?
Film Designs is a  production house, led by director Michael Hennessy. We  are a creative team making  1. motion pictures - for both clients and your / our entertainment,  2. producing music - singles, albums, podcasts and music videos. 3. cartoons -

How can we get involved?
Join us for free by simply liking and following this page or by pledging your support through Patreon and get first access to all work, discounts plus unlimited access to unseen, unheard, unreleased, behind the curtain material of how we shoot, edit, produce and go through the creative process, deal with clients and release our work.

You will also have first chance to be join us as an extra, talent or production crew, be a session musician , discuss future projects & share your ideas thus making you an integral player in our creative and production team. We will be looking to discuss and work and communicate and most importantly enjoy all our supporters first and foremost, with all our productions.

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Live Stream.  We will live stream in the digital studio we will interact and answer all your questions while we go.
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