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About Film Freedom Project

Film Freedom Project is an initiative started by Anansi Spaceworks Studios (also the primary sponsor for the "Lunatics!" open animated series project), which is focused on the technical and business aspects of open movies (delivered under free culture licenses, such as the Creative Commons or Free Art Licenses) and movies made with free/open-source software. We have a particular interest in animation, but live action film making is in scope for this project, too.

To promote this kind of filmmaking, we want to engage in several related activities:

  • Finding and reviewing the best available documentation for the best available open source software for creating film. That is, acting as a "documentation portal" to guide you to the many existing resources for each of these software packages.
  • Filling in the gaps and improving the quality of documentation available by creating our own documentation, video tutorials, and other help.
  • Likewise researching important topics on free culture distribution, ranging from clarifying licenses to identifying business models that are compatible with free licensed content.
  • We have limited software development resources, but will serve as the custodian for the open software developed at Anansi Spaceworks for our studio projects, including "Lunatics!"
Our current/upcoming projects include:
  • "Film Making for Lunatics": a video series which is more than a making-of documentary and more like a tutorial on our filmmaking workflow for "Lunatics!" project.  Currently, we're documenting the sequence assembly for the final sequence in the pilot episode of "Lunatics!"
  • "Two-Minute Tutorials": extremely brief (exactly two minutes!) tutorials for intermediate-skill software users which attempt to answer a single question each ("this is how we do X"), without making you sit through long screencasts.
  • Anansi Studio Extensions for Blender: a collection of Python scripted tools for Blender we use in our projects, and which may be handy for you as well.
And of course we have many other projects planned.

These projects are of varying sizes and complexity, and will come out at different frequencies. We should release at least one significant item a month, and there will probably be a number of shorter posts with tips, reviews, or links of interest as we find them.

We are still discovering exactly what form we want Film Freedom to take as a project site (a wiki, a blog site, a forum, an asset management system, etc -- we're not sure yet). But we will definitely incorporate a searchable index of past content.

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