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TBH though... one's not going to make a difference, tubby.

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Soy kills your testosterone. Put that "coffee" down. 

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How do you drink this shit? It smells like turpentine. 




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About Film Goblin

All the donations will go to running and maintaining the Film Goblin site so we can do this with no ads and NO Pwesents. 

First dollar goes to pay outstanding hosting and technical expenses like plugins. This will be a few hundred dollars a year. 

Second dollar goes to pay the artist Pops for his outstanding contributions in generating enthusiasm and bringing the brand to life. We'd still be futzing around with names. 

Third dollar goes to pay for maintaining the site. For the last 2 weeks, I have been doing literally nothing except my work (not enough), eating, sleeping and this site. Nothing else. No gym. No booze. No broads. Hopefully it will reach some kind of equilibrium.

Dollar four and five go to paying contributors, expansion, marketing, equipment (video, audio, etc) when we need it and any Film Goblin projects like sending Creepy to Sundance. 

There will be some kind of merch that we will give away - Film Goblin shirts, posters, etc.

People who give a larger amount - likely $25/month or more - will get a one-of-a-kind, custom shirt from Pops.

$22.46 of $500 per month
When we reach $500 a month, I will turn the site back on.
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