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About the Show

Update on 7/9/2019: We're taking a hiatus. We'll be going back and refunding patrons for pledges from June onward. Thank you for your support.

Hey there, fine listeners. We are Film Snuff, a podcast that mocks overrated movies.

Started in September 2016 by its hosts and creators, comedy writers Keating Thomas & James Hunt, Film Snuff offers a different bent on all those “bad movie podcasts” out there that usually take the worst movies ever made that everyone agrees are terrible—and most of us haven’t either seen or even heard of—and rip them apart. Film Snuff instead takes all those overrated turds that were beloved hits at the box office or inexplicable critics darlings—and gives THEM their deserved bullying.

New full episodes drop every Tuesday.

About the Hosts

Keating Thomas & James Hunt are comedians and writers. The pair has known each other since high school. 

How to Stay in Touch

Follow the show on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram all under the handle @FilmSnuff.
If you have any questions or just want to say hi, feel free to shoot us an email over at [email protected]
For a list of frequently asked questions, please visit our FAQ page
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