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As a philosopher I consider it my daily duty and honor to attempt to contribute to the meaningful exchange of thoughts by discussing and spreading ideas, arguments and insights. It is my humble hope that by doing this I can contribute to the collective intelligence and wisdom of the world. This is a pursuit that can only be realized collectively; only in dialogue can we reason together and improve our understanding of ourselves, others and the world we inhabit.

Since I care much about plurality and being as inclusive as I can be, I hope to be able to create an expanding circle and web of narratives and ideas, by reaching out to as many people as I can for the pursuit, exchange and betterment of thoughts.

Some things about me. I have a bachelor and masters degree and have been teaching philosophy for some years now. I teach future social workers at the university of applied sciences, in primary schools and in prison. I also organize and partake in reading and discussion groups that revolve around philosophical topics. I'm also an organizer in Rotterdam for the local chapter of the global Effective Altruism movement.

The reason I created a patreon is that not all my philosophical activities are paid ones and because my paid jobs are part-time. This is why I could really use the extra income. Since I'm involved in Effective Altruism I also donate 10% of the revenue, as I do with all of my income, to effective charities that are recommended by independent charity evaluators, like Givewell.

I hope that if you watch my videos, or partake in my activities, you will can something meaningful from it.

Hope to exchange thoughts with any of you soon.
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When I reach my first 200 euros, I will buy costumes to implement more acting and entertainment in my videos. You will have maybe more importantly made 20 euros worth of donations to effective charities possible.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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