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Good morning, Videogames! We are Filthy Casuals: a weekly video games podcast based in Melbourne, Australia, hosted by Tommy Dassalo, Ben Vernel and Adam Knox. 

Our show was born out of the three of us being mates and realising that our drunken conversations regularly turned to the topic of video games. We realised that none of us had seen the kind of podcast about video games that we wanted to listen to: a show that didn't stress too much about being the most informative or up-to-date show, but that was consistently funny and engaging. 

Over the last two years, the show has boomed in numbers. We have fans all over the world who interact with us every week and seem to genuinely enjoy what we do. This is extremely gratifying! We all love doing our show and we want to make it better and make more and more content for the people who enjoy listening to it every week. The reality is, the three of us all have a heap of other stuff going on so factoring in the time to do this is difficult. Plus, video games aren't cheap, so while we're lucky enough to be on a couple of press lists, for the most part, we have to spend our own money to buy the games that we review and talk about on the show. 

That's why we're on Patreon. If you like what we do, chip in a little coin each month and you'll get some (we think) sweet rewards. We worked hard to make sure these are interesting and good and hopefully things that you'll find worthy of your money. 

Of course, everyone's circumstances are different and we understand that not everyone is in a position to contribute and that's totally fine.

So, that's it! Thanks for reading this far and thanks again if you decide to contribute. It's extremely gratifying to know that people enjoy our half-baked and ill-informed opinions about games. 

And as we say at the end of every Patreon blurb: *Knox starts sweating and mumbles something incoherent*

- Tommy, Ben & Adam
100% complete
Once we hit this goal, we'll be launching our Youtube channel and filling it with great content including our version of Let's Plays, Video Reviews and sketches. We've got a bunch of stuff in the works and we're really excited about it. Rest assured, it'll still be free to access, but the money from this Patreon will make sure that we can afford the time to make regular videos that are up to a high quality standard. 
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