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Ada Lovelace Day is a global celebration of the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). Every year we host an exciting science cabaret event in London featuring awesome STEM women renowned in their fields. You can see videos of our events from 2017201620152014 and 2013 on YouTube. 

Around the globe local groups organise independent events to mark Ada Lovelace Day, which this year is on Tuesday 9 October 2018. Every year, there are dozens of independent events organised around the world. If you want to run your own ALD event this year, take a look at our Organisers Pack, which is full of tips, inspiration and resources. 

We work all year round to support and inspire girls and women studying or working in STEM fields. So far we have:

This year Ada Lovelace Day is 10 years old, so we want to: 

  • Run a huge outreach campaign to encourage more people to organise their own ALD events
  • Publish free colouring sheets for young children 
  • Expand our range of crochet patterns
  • Provide more careers advice for women in STEM
  • Run another careers fair

We wouldn't be able to even think about this if we hadn't had your consistent support over the years, so thank you! 

You’re supporting even more than that

By donating to us here on Patreon, you are also funding our other activities, including: 

  • All the behind-the-scenes work that goes into producing Ada Lovelace Day Live each year
  • Talks about women in STEM and Ada Lovelace, which Suw gives to schools and at public events for free throughout the year
  • Giving help and advice to grassroots events organisers
  • Giving interviews and information about both Ada Lovelace and the Day to TV, radio and print journalists and researchers

The more support we get, the more help we can provide women in STEM. So the more you give, the more we can do!

If you want to learn more about what we do, then take a look at our End of Year Reports!

Who was Ada Lovelace?

Ada Lovelace was the world's  first computer programmer, writing and publishing a program to calculate Bernoulli numbers for Charles Babbage's Analytical Engine, a mechanical computer that was never built. 

In 1842 Lovelace translated a short article describing the Analytical Engine by the Italian mathematician Luigi Menabrea, for publication in England. Babbage asked her to expand the article, “as she understood the machine so well”. The final article is over three times the length of the original and contains several early ‘computer programs,’ as well as strikingly prescient observations on the potential uses of the machine, including the manipulation of symbols and creation of music.
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We will publish on our website a chapter from our ebook, More Passion for Science: Journeys Into the Unknown, making it available for free to our community.
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