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– And then I realised that I am actually the hero of my own story. No one else can define it, validate it or live it. Its up to me to step into the drivers seat and experience life from here.
Hi, My name is Øystein!
Welcome and thank you for visiting my Patreon site. My name is Øystein Rabbe (aka Smiling Truth) and I believe we are here to live our greatest potential. What if you are the hero in your own life? You know what it´s like watch a movie that completely takes your whole attention until its over- and then when you get back to your own life it feels grey and boring compared to this? Why? Is it because movies are unrealistic and we cant expect life to be that exciting? ….or is it because our grey boring life is missing something?

My Purpose, My Mission
I wish for you to step into your own personal story and experience yourself as the hero of your own life. This is where the adventure begins. I wish to help and inspire you to embark your journey and find the unique treasures waiting to be discovered in your life right now. This is what is missing in the world. This is what will make humanity evolve to the next level.

Do you feel you are living the life you want to live?
A few years back I found myself stuck in a corner where I didn’t really feel happy. I had done everything right. (Or so I thought.)
Then I should be happy, right? I had succeeded on the career path, running my own company, making money, living the life I had dreamed about since childhood. I was working in Film and Television running my own business, having employees and a name well known in the industry. What more could I ask for, right? But inside the castle I had built there was nothing. I was empty, unhappy and desperate. At the end of the day loneliness and hopelessness was the feelings I was struggling with. I didn’t realise it then, but I see it clearly now; I was keeping myself so busy that I didn’t have to confront any of that.
Something was not right and I didn't know what to do about it, until it all crashed and I found myself hitting the wall. Not once. But three times before I realised something had to change.

When My Journey Began
I started this journey of exploration to figure out who I am when I am not this guy chasing money, career, status and acceptance. It led me into many difficult places and I had to question everything, even the most uncomfortable questions about life. Is this all there is? Who am I really when I am not all of this?

And what I found is that there was this story, this puzzle to figure out, to unfold, this epic journey to take on – a journey only I can do for myself, which is mine to experience. And what I had to do is show up to the adventure, and this is when life started getting interesting. Easy to say, not that easy to do— you have to face all of your fears. But after all it is not that hard when you are true to your own experience, not stuck in ideas about what it should be.

I believe this goes for everyone. YOU write your own story and you are the one revealing the adventure. The truth shall set you free.

So Why Patreon?
Then I realised There is MORE to Life
Deep down I knew life had to be more than this constant chase for money, status, validation and expectation management from society and people around me. It felt like a constant rattle for something I didn’t even know what was. Searching for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. We all know you can´t find that, but you can believe you will for a long time.

Writing the Book “Finding Malibu” The book I wish I had when I needed it the most
In 2018 I had the realisation that I need to tell my own personal story and the process of writing began. This is the book I wish I had found when I needed the most. A book that helps you find your way into your own truth. Where do you start listening to your inner voice? How do you take action on what you sense is true when it doesn’t fit into your old beliefs about life?

Through the book I share my own story of the things I had to face in hope to inspire you to see that it is possible for you as well to reveal your own story and take action your deepest desires and truths.

I Need Your Help!
I takes time and resources to write the book. It is a project I am doing on my spare time dribling work and my daily life. To be able to dedicate more time to the book and to the message of living your true self I would be so grateful to get some help from you in whatever way you can. Every amount will help make it possible. And if you are reading this far I am sure you can feel this book is something for you and you know it will be possible to help many people on their path to seeking truth.

What Will You Be Part Of?

There will be many positive aspects of becoming part of this
  • With your help this book will be put into the world potentially helping thousands of people grow and find their own happiness.
  • You will be part of making a difference in the world.
  • You will get to feel good that you are contributing to something positive.
  • You get to follow the creative process of writing the book and it will likely inspire you to unfold your own creativity, whatever it is
  • If you self conscious and working on yourself there is a great potential in participating weekly activities working together in a positive group consciousness for all involved in the project.
I plan to add more tiers with different benefits as I go.

I want you to know that even the smallest amount is really a big contribution and make a huge difference. I deeply appreciate any help. I will also promise you a personal thank you video made for you when you become a patreon.

Thank you for your support, and welcome to the group of amazing people believing we can make a better world by changing ourselves and sharing our stories!

Lots of Love,
Øystein (aka Smiling Truth)

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When I reach $100 a month I will extend adding 2 more tiers with extra value such as monthly special videos, meditation courses etc. 
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