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Enjoy my writing, artwork, or just enjoy hanging around with me? Find serendipity right here! All my supporters need not worry about countless tiers with special benefits for each one. If you support me, you get it all. Thank you for doing so! 




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Hello, and welcome to my Patreon! Glad you found me ~ My name is Ashley, but you may know me as Seren or Serendiipitii. You can call me either, whatever makes you comfortable!

I fell in love with creating when I was a really little girl, doing arts and crafts with my Mum and sister, and drawing at school. I also got into reading and writing, mostly picking up general fiction and mythology stories until I wrote my first full story in grade five. It was about a fearless princess who had to save her kingdom and future husband from a tyrant king and his dragon, and I was very proud of it, enough to write a little sequel. 

I've come a long way from my grade five stories! Nowadays, I play among many genres and mediums. My current go-to categories are fantasy, adventure, occult/supernatural, science fiction, and romance for most of my writing, whether it's prose or poetry. I have had half a dozen poetry pieces published through Young Writers of Canada, most recently winning the 2018 Award for Excellence. I currently have three WIPs: 

The War Wine Series 
Follow Wine as she ventures through Eibolen after losing her family to a nameless entity's mercenaries. Traverse the Mal'ek Desert, discover yourself within the Atmora Woods, and scale the wintry peaks of the Andari Mountains as Wine and her companions search for a way to stop the dark flow of magic that is seeping in from the Monriant Castle.

The Witch's Gunslinger (written under pen name Ade G. Demon) 
An LGBTQ+ story about Cassidy Williams, an ex-gang leader turned businesswoman and rancher, who marries coven witch Amelia after saving her from avanamulus, animal-shifters. When a ransom note shows up in their bedroom looking to trade Amelia's life for those of her coven sisters, Cassidy must decide if they can save them on their own, or if she needs to swallow her pride and ask the Copper Snakes, her old gang, for help.

The Úlfhéðnar 
The Úlfhéðnar is set in Norse mythology, where a prophesied healer must journey with a battle-scarred soldier to find a way to release and save the Norse gods from their planes where they have been locked in, unable to reach out to their champions and worshipers.

Creating art has been a toss-up for me for many years - do I want to do it just as something that makes me happy, or do I want to do it to be paid? I've done both, sometimes successfully, sometimes not. When I was in middle school, I had a fellow artist and friend at the time tell me that I should just stick to writing. That art wasn't my thing. I stopped for about three years, because I thought they were right, and I couldn't stand the thought of creating "bad" art. When I received a tablet as a wedding gift four years ago, however, that mentality changed and I started to teach myself art again. I've come along way since then, and though I know I can always improve, I am happy with what I can accomplish now. Art lets me portray things that words can't always do, and sometimes it's nice to have an outlet on either side of the spectrum. 

I was born and raised in beautiful British Columbia with one other sibling. I currently live and work in the Lower Mainland with my amazing husband, who I have been with for nine fantastic years. Creating is not my full time gig, though I wish it was. My favourite past-times are video gaming, writing, painting tabletop miniatures, learning origami, crafting, reading, going for walks, sleeping, playing MtG or D&D, and listening to music. 

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
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