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Hi Everybody!

We are small team from Amsterdam, but we have huge plans to make search of porn actress faster, fully and with the highest level of accuracy.
At this moment we have developed API and website with more than 28k actresses from whole the world. You can get base (height, weight and so on) info and some photos about actress. Also, you can use filters by country, body measurements and etc to search actresses, that you really want to see.
The most interesting thing — it is face-recognizing search. You can upload a photo with a girl and get the most similar actresses from our database.

Every day we add more photos, new info and new actresses to our database, we improve face-recognizing search, to make it much more accurate.

There are a lot of work:
  • Add photos for more than 80% of actresses. Add galleries.
  • Add more info like producers.
  • Add links between actresses (joint films).
  • ☑ Make API public (it is already in the Internet, but available only for our website).
  • ☑ Improve face-recognizing search (return more then 5 items in results, make it much more accurate).
  • Expand the base to 50k by adding more adult models and centerfolds.
  • Add ability to add actresses to favourites lists.
  • ☑ Add instance in USA.
  • Add search actresses from video (the most difficult, but the most interesting)

We hope that you will enjoy our product, have fun! =)
$0 of $600 per month
We are really small team and this project is just a hobby, but we do love it! We have to pay for servers:
  • Server for API (40$ per month).
  • Server for API in USA (40$ per month).
  • Server for frontend (40$ per month).
  • Server for face-recognizing (80$ per month).
  • Server for face-recognizing neural network learning (300$ per month).
And we have to pay some money for promotion ~ 100$ per month.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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