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About Fine Acts

Fine Acts is a playground for social change.

We are a nonprofit for socially engaged creative solutions, that operates across issues and borders. In our work, we think about ways to make people care and act, and we create novel avenues to empower activism. We:

  • Nurture collaborations: We bring together activists, artists and techies from across the globe to work on collaborative projects.
  • Produce powerful art: We create and commission art that aims to raise awareness, trigger action, or foster greater support for human rights campaigns.
  • Create effective campaigns: We work with groundbreaking nonprofits from around the world, designing and implementing tailor-made creative campaigns for their needs.
  • Boost innovation: We design and apply novel formats to explore the intersection of human rights, art and technology.
  • Support organizations: We consult and train civil society organizations in creative thinking and utilizing art and embracing play as a tool for social change.
  • Practice playtivism: We see the process of incorporating play and experimentation in activism as vital. We came up with the concept of playtivism – learn more about it from our founder’s TED talk.

Your support will allow us to:
  • directly help more important causes and worthy nonprofits;
  • collaborate with more artists and creatives;
  • and ultimately, have more impact.

You will be supporting our Labs series, where we pair artists and technologists to work on human rights issues. Or our Sprints bootcamps for visual artists, whose work we then publish at The Ammo, our free vault with carefully curated socially engaged visual content, open to anyone to use or adapt non commercially.

You will help us grow campaigns like Project Light – that aims to increase public understanding and support for the right to sight. Or produce more work like The Future – a series of data-driven sculptures that illuminate critical issues like armed conflict, the death penalty, or marriage equality. Fun fact – both projects were Finalists in Fast Company's World Changing Ideas Awards.

By donating, you will not only help us make more – social experiments, children’s comic books, public art stunts, exhibitions, trainings, board games, creative videos. You will also be saying: I see you. What you do is cool. I want to be a part of it.
And that means the world.

Want to know more? Visit our website to see our work, team and advisors, art collective, and to read our latest news.

If you’d like to contribute another amount or make a one-off donation, please do so via PayPal.

Got a question, suggestion or a kind word? Give us a shout at [email protected].

Тhank you for embarking on this journey with us. 
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When we reach $1000 per month, we will establish a Fund for visual artists, and will award amazing creators who contribute to our open vault for socially engaged art, on a quarterly basis.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts

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