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About Finger Guns

Welcome, friends. 

You've made it to the Finger Guns Patreon page, and we couldn't be happier to have you here. This is where everything begins. Well, not really. If you're here then you're probably aware that Finger Guns have been going for nearly two years and in that time, we've built a website that's recognised as one of the most reliable for original and engaging content. We've built up relationships with developers, publishers and PR teams over that time and continue to source the most interesting stories hidden away under the AAA bubble. We've got ourselves a little niche in the corner of the internet where we do what we can to share the games of smaller developers, tell their stories and encourage our audience to take a chance on titles they may not have done before they read our coverage.

Of course, this means it does take time. Between the four of us that work on Finger Guns every single day we also have our 'other' life, the one that's more grounded and as such, it means we can't dedicate the time to the site we would like to. Hell, we'd love to do this full time and spend our lives touring around the country (nay, the world) talking to every developer we could find and learn everything we could about their passion projects. That's what Finger Guns is, it's a passion project between four friends who just love talking about games. Finding those indie gems, celebrating AAA and so much more. This brings us to Patreon. 

Here's a fact for ya, we don't make a dime doing this. Not a penny. You may have noticed our site is completely ad-free and we want to keep it that way. We've been approached many times to start a campaign on the site as those types of companies believe that we could quite easily make some dollar shoving advertising in your face when you're on the site. We don't want to do that, that isn't us. We're as independent as the game developers we talk to and we're very happy with the balance we've struck.

This does mean that when it's time for us to fork out for travel or new equipment or web hosting, we do it all completely out of our own pocket. We're happy to do it, of course, we love the website and want to see it grow, but as we expand our reach it's becoming a little tough to keep it up, so here we are. We want to keep going to EGX and EGX Rezzed. To exclusive events we're lucky enough to get invited to and to keep up the quality of website that we've built. We're very proud of the site and want to keep that going. 

So we're starting a Patreon. Now, we're going to be completely transparent with anyone who chooses to support us this way. Every penny we make through this venture is going back into the site, whether it be web hosting, podcast hosting, travel expenses or anything else we feel we may need the money for. Patreon is a source of income for the website, not for us. Of course, should it reach some absurd number then we might get ourselves lunch one day but we're trying to be realistic.

That's why there is only a single tier. $1 a month to support what we do. That's it. 

When we sat down to decide how to do this it wasn't even a question that we would have goals and tiers and all that stuff. A $1 a month Patreon is we think a fair way for anyone to support us if they want to. If you've ever been on the site and enjoyed what we do, or shared an article then this is just a little way to give back if you want to show your support a little more.

A pledge would help us keep the site alive, start a brand new podcast series (which we're SO excited to kick off) and maybe just maybe get us around the country to head to exhibitions and meet developers and publishers and keep the train moving.

If you feel like you want to support us, we can't thank you enough. 

We won't let you down. 

Rossko, Sean, Paul and Greg x
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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