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Tea-break Tarot School Helper
per month

At this tier you are supporting Tea-break Tarot School. 

  • You receive a virtual gold star for helping tidy desks and sharpen pencils.  Thank you :-)
  • You will also have access to the journal prompts from the Kitchen Witch monthly workbook.   
Kitchen Witch Coffee Club
Limited (27 of 33 remaining)
per month

Here we are together, in my virtual witchy kitchen...huge pine table, a dresser with my grandmother's crockery...gathering to share practical magic, throw cards and uncover tools and practices to make everyday magical.  

  • Each month I create an e-kit which includes information and practices for a specific ingredient, herb or spice.  You can print these out to create your own kitchen witch almanac.
  • You'll also receive a monthly audio recording or video for work linked to our ingredient.
  • And there's a private Facebook group to share our herbal  explorations.    

Let's make some magic :-) 

Limited (19 of 22 remaining)
per month

Pathfinders receive: 

  • An individually created, monthly tarot or oracle reading on a specific question or for general guidance. This is sent as an audio with images of your cards.  
  • You also receive all the benefits of the Kitchen Witch Coffee Club (Tier 2).   




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About Fiona Beth

Join me on a journey to unlock your magic!
My current creations include:
  • Tea-break Tarot School - a free and comprehensive tarot class covering all the cards and how to use them in your own personal practice, with linked Facebook group for practice posts. 
  • The Kitchen Witch Coffee Club - providing exclusive monthly content to build your own almanac of herbs and spices and a monthly audio or video to support your own journey with kitchen magic.
  • Pathfinders - a monthly bespoke reading to explore your current situation or query.
  • The Witch's Way - magical mentoring for everyday, eclectic witchcraft, including a monthly lesson and a one to one mentoring call to support you as you walk your own moonlit path.

$83 of $222 per month
When I reach this goal I will start recording Tea Break Tarot School lessons in a video series for YouTube.
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