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My friend Auntie Kitty looks after most of my good gurls. You love to dress, and likely you've come here in search of those lovely memories of childhood when you started out guiltily trying on one or two pieces of someone else's clothing. Auntie is going to look after you, don't worry.

As one of my good gurls you'll get lot's of material from Auntie, and I will welcome you to my basic feminization program as well. You can also use this tier simply as a way of thanking me for my efforts on

Either way, I'd love to see you as one of my Good Gurls, and I'm always grateful for the $1 a month you'll be contributing.

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Here you'll get acces to exclusive content  from myself, Meg and Katia, all taking you on a journey that's both intimate and exciting. This dynamic approach to learning about feminization and crossdressing is fun, very adult and highly dynamic.

The content on this tier includes some exclusive hypnosis files, and messages from Katia and Meg that are updated every few days. You are never far away from an exciting adventure in forced feminization with Meg and Katia.

  • Katia Thornwood and Mistress Meg bring their own Femme Domme approach to your training and their relationship with you. This is a little more explicit than other levels of connection on FionaDobson.Com - but for the Seahorses that choose it represents a unique and exciting special membership level.

  • Seahorse members are my great supporters, and get their own special content.
Includes Discord benefits
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In this level of support you get the following benefits:

1. Membership of my Premium Program delivered via email - over a years worth of content, which is growing all the time.

2. Access to Premium website content. This content is updated regularly and ensures you're never short of good quality information, stories and discussions.

3. Access to our Elite Whatsapp Group (be sure you have Whatsapp on your phone). This group chat daily and provide a level of support to each other that is quite remarkable. Stick to the guidelines and enjoy civilized chat with people who share your values and are on the same journey as you. You'll be able to exchange views, ideas and share experiences 24 hours a day with other CDs and gender fluid members in a safe and moderated environment.

4. Membership in Fiona's Little Black Book. If you wish to you can use My Little Black Book as a means to connect with other CDs or Admirers, both male and female. This is a unique system that puts you in direct contact with other Little Black Book members nearby or around the world.

5. You'll have access to Mistress Meg's and Katia Thornwood's exclusive content about forced feminization and some amazing hypnosis files.

Additionally you'll know your support is funding in part the Basic Program we offer to our CD members who are unable to afford our Premium Program.

My Unicorns are helping all the members of our community and are my most valued supporters.



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Welcome to my Patreon. I've a wealth of content on here that will take you into the extraordinary world of crossdressing and feminization. You'll find these to be fun, exciting, and sometimes just a little disturbing! In the end, it's all meant to be a great adventure.

Above all, my members enjoy a supportive environment with many like minded friends. My Discord and Whatsapp groups have become a source of great support for a valued membership building friendships and connections online. Follow me for a glimpse into this exciting and entertaining world. You'll enjoy the stories, and find some tips and tricks about crossdressing. Most of all you'll get a feeling for the style of what I'm providing my many satisfied members.

All my Patrons enjoy the ongoing serial "Clothes Maketh The Man", and "Auntie Kittie's Diary". My Seahorse level members enjoy the forced feminization accounts of Mistress Meg and Katia Thornwood, and my Unicorns - well they get it all, including a great feminization program, to help you enjoy crossdressing and the gender fluid world in a way that will teach you to find joy and fun in dressing. The program explores hypnosis, conditioning as well as a host of exercises and tasks.

My Unicorns also get entry into My Little Black Book, a system for connecting with other crossdressers, and of course there's our exclusive Elite Whatsapp Group. Additionally they have access to extensive tips and tricks as well as extraordinary hypnosis files.

I make sure my supporters get a great benefits. These include the resources I load here, but also bits and pieces on my website, In all I do I attempt to make it lighthearted, entertaining, and enjoyably educational. Generally you'll find content here somewhat 'adult'. Most of the images are fairly tame, though some of the writing does explore adult themes.

When you join me, you're ensuring you're finding wonderful new ways to enjoy your crossdressing. You'll never be short of reading material, support and conversation about the gender fluid world we share.




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I am trying to get my membership up to 100. Join me and help me reach this goal.




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