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FireDance Media collaborates with several creators, community groups and organizations to support innovative storytelling that aligns with our core values:

Sustainable Agriculture

We promote a transition away from global crop monoculture and toward local community-based food security.

Respect for Nature

We are part of an ecosystem, which we share with a multitude of other species. We respect their right to thrive.

Community Resilience

Bringing people of diverse backgrounds together to fulfil shared visions and ambitions undermines isolation and hate.

Renewable Energy

We’re done with fossil fuels, as everyone should be nowadays. All our projects use renewable energy exclusively.

Not all of our collaborators have a budget. About 60% of the work we do is pro bono. Your support will help to offset the overhead costs of running a one stop shop for web design & hosting, copywriting, video and podcast editing, photography, videography, music production, documentary development and more! 
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About FireDance Media

We have all the solutions we need in order to make this world fair, abundant, sustainable, and nourishing for everyone. But we’re hindered by inefficiencies that are baked into capitalism, the ubiquitous proliferation of private property rights, and the absurd ideals of growth-based economics and consumer culture. In the digital age, these old paradigms are starting to crack and crumble. If we don’t create something to replace them with, the science is clear we’ll be left with is a smoking ruin where our pale blue dot used to be.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
Audio release

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