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About Firelight Farm

Greetings from Firelight Farm! We're glad you stopped by to see us. We are a husband and wife team building our ultimate life from the ground up. After many years of struggle, hardship, loss, and profound sadness that our lives weren't what we wanted, we decided to rip the band-aid of life off and start from scratch! Here's what that looks like:

Building Our Businesses From the Ground Up
In December 2016 we started our own coffee roasting company. Our goal was to find a building where we could build a wood-fired hearth created for roasting coffee. At the time we were living in West Virginia but our plans were cut short and we relocated back to our home state of New Mexico. We now have our own land for moving forward with our roastery plans. We will be using salvaged materials whenever possible, straw-light-clay infill for the walls, and there will be many other building projects associated with bringing our roastery to life. 

Our second business is yet to be created. It will be a lacto-fermented vegetable and beverage company. With the birth of this new business, we will be sharing tips and techniques for making delicious fermented foods, pickles, hot sauces, beverages, and more. 

Building Our Non-Electric Home
After we have completed our goal of building our roastery, we will be building a natural home that is completely non-electric. You read that correctly. This home will not be hooked to a grid, nor will it have solar electricity. 

This new home of ours will be built with whole tree architecture, meaning that the trees we choose from the land along with many of their branches will be used in the building of our home. It will not be a large home by any means. We will be exploring which types of natural building techniques would best suit the kind of house we will be building.

Building Our Farm
While most people dig right in and build their farm first, we do not subscribe to such a struggle. We have a number of years of organic farming and gardening under our belts, and our farm will be community driven and used for the betterment of our local people. Running a farm needs to be accomplished as a business or we will struggle every day to make ends meet. Establishing our other businesses first is what will help us launch our farm properly. Now, that doesn't mean we won't get a few chickens, ducks, turkeys, pigs, sheep, or have a small garden. Hey, we gotta eat, AND we are Firelight Farm. What's a farm without veggies and barnyard entertainment?! 

Thank You 
We want to express our deepest gratitude to those who are coming along on our journey with us! Some might be curious about just how to make something like this happen, others may be interested in doing some of our building projects. We aim to make our goals fun, informative, and educational. Thank you to everyone who contributes and helps to build our online community!
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Relocating onto our land April 1, 2019
  • We'll be setting up our three bell tents to live in
  • Build our outdoor kitchen, dining area, and post harvest station
  • Build our free standing bathroom
  • Finish building the garden beds in the market garden
  • Build a chicken coop
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