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Hello everyone, we're Firepillar2, a Hong Kong indie game development studio.

2020 will mark the sixth year of our existence, and along the way, we continued to maintain our goal of "moving people through games" as we developed various games.

We're currently working on "Craft in Abyss", a game drawing inspiration from Howl's Moving Castle and the Kowloon Walled City. In the game, players will be able to design their own mobile fortress, gather resources, and strengthen the fortress's equipment in order to survive. We always welcome large contributions, but even the smallest amount will go a long way in helping us reach our goal.

concept art of "Craft in Abyss"

Other than that, Firepillar2 hopes to enhance game development culture in Hong Kong. Far more than making a quick buck or surviving as a studio, we care about how games affect the people's values and beliefs; about those who are willing to give their heart and soul for games; and the Hong Kong game development industry as a whole.

We want to do more than survive. We want to make a difference.

Our monthly accounts will be transparent. Since numbers do not lie, you can say that we are more reliable than a lot of other individual associations. We welcome your support in helping us make a difference in the industry!



在新作《Craft in Abyss》中,玩家可以設計屬於自己的機械要塞,收集資源、建造設施、生存下去。遊戲靈感來自「九龍城寨」和「哈爾移動城堡」。
《Craft in Abyss》正在製作,需要各位課金支持。



由 Patreon 得來的資金,支出帳項會每月透明公開。數據不會說謊,我們比大部分組織都可靠可信,積極鼓勵各位課金支持,為遊戲產業做點事!

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