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is creating Wasteland artifacts, low-fi craft art, stories, and game designs
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About Charles McLean Redding

Hello and welcome!

My name is Charles Redding. I am an artist, performer, a world-builder, and a storyteller. I've created this page so that I might hopefully be able to dedicate more of my time to making the world a stranger and more interesting place.

To see some samples of my work, check out my website!:

How do I plan to do this? What do I actually produce?

There are many mediums and techniques through which I make my art. A lot of what I create is low-fidelity, or low-fi art, which means that if I am painting, drawing, modding toys, carving and burning wood, or sculpting, each piece is highly stylized, primitive, and utterly unique.

My signature items are my Wasteland Bears. Each one is not only unique (tagged, named, and numbered) but comes with its own story of how it was found or created in The Wasteland: a post-apocalyptic dream-scape. You can imagine that each of their stories, however, begins the same way... a wasteland wanderer picks up a discarded, broken toy; something that most would consider garbage. He takes it home to his shack and stitches it back up, re-stuffs it, sews on new eyes, new limbs if need be, and then is able to deliver it to a child. The Wasteland Bears' story is that even a broken, damaged thing with scars, trauma, and imperfections can still be cherished.

You will also see that I work with wood to make wands, pendants and charms, and wooden blades. I work with leather, I work with ink, woodburning tools, I sketch, and I paint on bamboo place-mats to achieve that post-apocalyptic found-canvas look. My ink drawings are done not with a brush or a pen, but mostly with a stick or twig, using India ink for high-contrast sketches. I even have a set of horror themed Valentines in that style!

In addition to my craft arts, I write stories, design games, write plays, to say nothing of my directing and performative works as an actor, a clown, sound artist, and a devised performer.

What do I want? How will patrons help?

Hopefully: the freedom to create my art, expand my audience, bring my strangeness to more people in more places. At the moment I must work a day-job which anyone could do, which does not help anyone or make a positive impact in the world at all, will never afford me any savings, or career growth... and in addition: kills the energy and time I could use to take my artistic work to a professional level. Yet I cannot afford to escape it. As a patron, every dollar will be pushing me closer to the goal of artistic freedom, and the ability to bring more art and the capacity to better reward my patrons.

What would a patron get out of this?

On the low end, my deepest gratitude, and access to a monthly newsletter through which I'll keep you updated on my works, my upcoming shows, and share new and old art!

At higher tiers: pieces of print art, custom items, special drawings, signed copies of books, all sorts of things. My goal is that even the lowest tiered patrons should regularly see something from me, and have a chance to get something cool to remember why they are supporting me. The high tier patrons ought to feel like true patrons of the arts, receiving unique show-pieces from the artist they support. 

I hope you'll peruse my works, and make the decision to support me as much as you can. This is not an easy world to live in for for many people, and for an artist there are few jobs available to do what I do best.

I once heard that one of the secrets of success and happiness in life is to "find your ministry." which is to say, find the thing that you were put on this earth to do, bring that to the world, and you'll find your place in it. So whether you are just taking a look or have decided to become a patron of the arts and support me, thank you!
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My needs are not great. When I reach my "Dedicated Artist" goal, I will be able to leave the 9-5 and dedicate a significant amount of time each week to creating. If I reach this goal, I'll be sending a personal thank you to every single patron. I don't care if there are 1000 people giving 1 dollar each, you'll ALL get a card from me.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 18 exclusive posts