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is creating Raptor Comics, Ink Arts, Novellas, and Wasteland Bears!

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Hello and welcome!

My name is Charles McLean Redding. I am an artist, performer, a world-builder, and a storyteller. I invite you to help me in my quest to make the world a stranger and more magical place, by becoming a Patron!

Towards this end, I produce all kinds of art.

I modify and distress toys, clothing, and accessories into Wasteland Artifacts. My Wasteland Bears are my most notable items, and have been turning heads are conventions and craft shows for the past two years.

I create ink-based art pieces using calligraphy inks, india ink, water colors, and using not only brushes but sticks, wind, water, and more to create surreal dreamlike drawings. I call this "Elemental Ink Art".

I carve and burn wood to make wands, pendants, and wooden blades, even sometimes small puppet-like figures I call Styxies.. 

I tell stories. I have a number of short stories and novellas in development, for which I am seeking a combination of traditional- and self-publishing. This is an especially exciting time for these projects as many are approaching readiness! My most important piece is The Guardian of Taihar, which is the major one I'm currently seeking a literary agent for. 

I'm developing an illustrative style with my ink-work, some in support of those pieces of fiction I mentioned, and some to create my Snack Pack: Raptor Comics! This is an ongoing project, but I have the first collection available! You can find it here:

I also, at any given time, may have any number of other projects running, including boardgame and TTRPG systems, theatrical projects, cellu-clay sculptures, other fantasy-anthropological artifacts, and other strange things I can leave in unexpected places to increase the general level of weirdness and mystery in the world.

To Prospective Patrons:

The arts are not an easy field to enter without a stable support structure. It's a structure that many people don't have. The world we live in sometimes just isn't made for artists to thrive. Myself, I'm not looking to get rich, I'm just hoping to be able to continue my work, to give it my time, and my energy. With your help I can focus entirely on my art, on developing my skills, on increasing my exposure, and I would dearly love to share the journey and the process with you!

I once heard that one of the secrets of success and happiness in life is to "find your ministry." which is to say, find the thing that you were put on this earth to do. Bring that to the world, and you'll find your place in it. So this is the start of it. Welcome to my ministry :)

So whether you are just taking a look or are considering joining this adventure as a patron of the arts and supporting me, thank you!
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My needs are not great. When I reach my "Dedicated Artist" goal, I will be able to leave the 9-5 and dedicate a significant amount of time each week to creating. If I reach this goal, I'll be sending a personal thank you to every single patron. I don't care if there are 1000 people giving 1 dollar each, you'll ALL get a card from me.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 27 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 27 exclusive posts
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