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Hello! We are Chris, Euan, Pawel, and Dave, also known as the hosts of The Large and Unnecessary First Player Token Podcast. We like to play all kinds of games, from video to tabletop, and have a lot of daft fun talking about it, especially when we disagree. We don't just talk about AAA games or the latest releases - in fact, you're more likely to hear us talking about a board game we dug up from a few years ago, or a weird indie video game one of us found on Steam.

At the moment, we mainly release a weekly Podcast, with episodes alternating between tabletop and video gaming. We also have content on YouTube, such as board game playthrough and unboxing videos, video game playthroughs, and we occasionally stream live games on Twitch. You can find links on this page, and you can head over to our website if you want to find out more about us generally!

So what's the Patreon for? Well, anyone who has attempted to run a podcast about gaming will tell you that it is an expensive hobby - games aren't cheap, and with hosting and running costs of a Podcast on top of that... well, it all adds up. Our main goal with this Patreon is to simply cover our hosting costs in order to keep the Podcast running. Anything over and above that will be a fantastic bonus, as it will allow us to improve.

Where will the money go?
How we plan to spend the money is detailed in the Goals section of the Patreon. Our first couple of Goals will simply relieve the financial pressure to keep the Podcast running. Anything we receive on top of that will mainly be used for upgrading and improving equipment so that we can give you higher quality Podcasts and videos. In between all that, we may use some of the funds to buy more games so we can keep playing and reviewing new things and making new content.

The key point here is that money made from the Patreon will go towards maintaining and improving the Podcast, our videos, and everything associated with The Large and Unnecessary First Player Token.

What's the plan for the future?
At the least, we want to maintain our schedule of weekly podcasts, with the occasional bits of video content, but would also love to be able to increase the quality and frequency of that output. We are always open to ideas from our Patreon subscribers and Podcast listeners as to what you'd like to see from us. Our ultimate fantasy would be to create content full-time, but we understand that's a long way off - we can dream though!
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