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About FishEaters

Want to help restore the Catholic Church -- and, thereby, restore Western civilization? Well, that's what FishEaters wants to do!

The human element of the Catholic Church is rife with confusion, bad leadership, sloppy liturgy, and, sadly, outright filth in the form of sexual abuse. RCIA classes teach watered-down niceties. Our parish churches tend to look more Episcopalian or Pentecostal than Catholic. Our hierarchs betray their countries by supporting harmful political ideologies. Radical and anti-life politicians who claim to be Catholic never face consequences for their actions even as orthodox priests are made to suffer for supporting the Faith. And, meanwhile, Pope Francis -- well, don't get me started!

What can Catholics do about it? The answer is not to leave the Church; that amounts to betraying Christ because of Judas -- and we have the Lord's promise to us that the gates of Hell will never prevail against His Bride. No, the answer isn't to abandon Christ by jumping off the ark of salvation; the answer is to fight by studying the Faith, supporting the ever-growing number of traditional priests who guard it, passing the Faith on to others, and building strong, Catholic families and communities. 

The FishEaters website teaches Catholics how to do all that. It baby-steps new converts and fed-up Catholics through learning how to practice Catholicism in the traditional way. It covers most everything (or will soon!). Please support the work being done!

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