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About FitJulian

Hi, Im Julian. I started with the aim of sharing healthy recipes that anyone can enjoy and that are meat-free for those who having a hard time with gluten, dairy, eggs, refined sugars, etc. I aim to keep all my recipes simple and wholistic as possible, and of course absolutely yummy and healthy!

One of the reasons I share free recipes on my site is for people out there who struggle with a healthy lifestyle, transitioning to vegetarian, plantbased or vegan diet. Many of them are also looking for delicious alternatives because they struggle with food alllergies etc. It's hard to attend a social gathering where you turn down the unhealthy dessert someone has made because they don't align with your personal health goals.

By offering alternative recipes, it allows people to take part in social aspects of sharing food with those they love. When I get messages like:

"Please Julian, can you bring some more of the muffins you did last time."

"I am excited to find your blog and website. Im gluten intolerant and am in the process of healig so your site is a goldmine. im looking forward to get your new recipes!"

That makes it all worth it, because from messages and feedback like this I know it's enhanced people's quality of life.

My goal is to reach more people so that there can be more happy moments like those above. with a little bit of help these recipes can get out ot people who may have not heard about them before and offer options to those who feel like they're stuck just doing without.

How You Can Help:
Running a blog with videos means a lot of costs and a lot of work involved. My blog currently brings in no income at the moment. I mostly cover all expenses myself, such as paying a videoeditor, web hosting expenses, ongoing technical maintenance, etc. Oddly enough, the more people that visit your blog the more expensive things get (i.e. web hosting cost rises to support more people using the website.)

Moreover, the internet is always changing and evolving, and I want to cover my team to reach people more effectively though videos, which is something that social media networks are prioritizing. And so videos are the latest new venture on my blog.

The Videos so far have had amazing reception and feedback has been that they've been helping people feel more comfortable with that recipe, essentially making the recipes more approachable.

In addition to these short youtube videos, I would also LOVE to be able to release longer and more in-depth videos that show the benefits and details of recipes, nutritious values, health tips, etc. in the future. But I don't quite have the funding for something like that at the moment.

For the moment in order to support the current videos I've promoting the videos myself to reach more people. However, this isn't a long-term solution, as I'd really like to maintain a qualtiy user experience for anyone who visits the site. This is where you can help!

With even the most minimal contribution form the community currently suing and enjoying the website, so much more can happen and fast!

Here are my current goals and aspirations for the blog for the near future:

1. Upgrade current video quality
Whicht will enable FitJulian to produce better quality content and make the experience more vibrant, thereby encouraging and ispiring more people to give these recipes a try and to feel more comfortable and confident in the kitchen.

2. Make more videos
Right now there is only short videos on my blog, but I'd love to increase that and bring in more tips and nutritional information.

3. Expand teaching resources
I have plans to create more high quality, explicit instructional content for thoese who want to learn even more about vegan cooking and recipe creation.

Any and all support, no matter how small each month, is greatly appreciated and will help towards achieving the goals outlined above. If you're in, click the "become a patron" button to see the differnt ways you can get involved.

Thanks so much for reading and for all your support, and of course: happy cooking!

$0 of $250 per month
When I reach this goal I will start sharing longer videos, with more information about nutrition. 
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