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Since 2010 I've been producing The Fitness Behavior podcast. My motivation for starting this show was to create a podcast that took a deeper look at what truly helps people have a lifetime love of exercise and for them to get the benefit of this in their life. This show has grown into something that I'm very proud of with it now having thousands of listeners in over 100 countries. But more importantly I get so much feedback from people telling that the show has helped them create change, where they have exercise in their life and they are a healthier person both mentally and physically because of it. 

Here's some feedback on Fitness Behavior: 'I've listened to the first two years of Bevan's podcasts over the past 6 weeks and I have to say that the things that he has shared with us has really helped me to make huge changes in my life. I'm not just talking about fitness but life in general. Thank you Bevan for helping me find my better self.' - Jodie Smith (iTunes review).

You can listen on iTunes or Stitcher! Shownotes can be found at

With you becoming a Patreon of the show I'll be able to commit more time to get more content to you and devote more of my own time making the show better. 

So, give the show a listen! If you like it, please tell your friends about it! And if you can, please consider donating to help me keep producing this podcast and make it even more awesome! I will love you forever!

Kia Kaha


By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts

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