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About Five Five Garage

Hi all! 
Welcome to the official Five Five Garage Patreon page! If you are fans of the channel (and you should be fans of the channel!) you are here because you have watched and enjoyed my videos and would like to contribute to the cause to help me make more! There are a lot of neat things I want to do and show you guys, but I am going to need some help to do it!

Space in my current garage is limited and that is limiting me in the kind of projects that I would like to tackle moving forward. I have been searching for a shop space that would allow me to have more room, and eventually get a vehicle lift. Any donations received will be used for that purpose as well as helping me to equip the shop (tools and machinery), as well as acquiring upgrades for my camera equipment (lights, boy do I need lights!) so I can continue to provide quality video content that everyone enjoys.

Thank you all for watching and enjoying the content and for helping me continue a dream that I have had since I was a kid! I look forward to working on some neat projects and I hope you all are as eager to watch them as I am about creating them! 

- Randy

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